Thursday, April 1, 2010

What needs to be done :: Back to diy film work after a few months

The last time I shot or edited something was (i think) in the middle of '09 - for Unlimited Dreamtime. Been busy getting set up in NYC since then (day job work, moving stuff from MD, helping people out w/ essential & time consuming things, etc.). Got a lot of that done since, now there is more time & resources for film work to start back up. This month, April 2010, is gonna be big - crucial for the SE d.i.y. film explosion 2010. Here's what I am working on/will be working on this month:

- finally release the Date Number One DVD
- release Indie Film Blogger Road Trip DVD
- release Unlimited Dreamtime on web & on DVD
- release 17 DC Poets on web, also make some DVD copies available
- finish the 2nd part/script for Brooklyn Fantastic & get ready to shoot it in May.

So, that's a whole lotta work. Will post updates here as things get done.

And re: the older stuff & side projects - Wild Diner, etc. - I came up with an updated Wild Diner type movie idea a couple of days ago (this one has a little bit to do with the Indian subcontinent). Maybe all the older stuff will be released as a part of that film's DVD release. We'll see. Gonna try to make that happen this year - make the entire catalog of my film work available to watch & or buy.

- S

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